Barb Wire Fence Barb Wire Fence Clearing for a new fence line Utilizing a dozier to clear for a new fence line. 200650907 4 strand barb wire This is a view of a 4 strand barb wire fence using t-posts and steel pipe bracing. We installed a 2-3/8" schedule 40 pipe every 10th t post for in line bracing. 204029882 Sunset over a fence line Fence line we working on until dark. 200650908 16' gate Installation of a 16' gate in a 4 strand barb wire project. This is also a good view of the steel bracing we use for our barb wire fence systems. When using steel there are no worries of rot in years to come. All pipe is schedule 40 and all fully welded in the field. After welding all welds are sprayed with Cold Galvanization to insure rust has not intrusion points. 204029883 Cross Fence Cross fence for a client with 4400 acres. We divided the property into 44 100 acre paddocks to insure the ground was able to recover and be replanted. 200650909 Drone View While flying the drone we took a photo of the Kubota M-5111 carrying posts on the trailer. We utilize the trailer with posts to minimize impact to the property. In lieu of making multiple trips up and down the fence line we make one trip setting posts and utilize utvs or our skid steer and wire stretcher. 204029884 Clearing for a new fence line A family of deer coming to check out the fence line we were clearing. 200650910 Fencing through the trees We can work in tight spaces when the project requires it. 200650911 Kubota M-5111 Another view of the cable over hydraulic post driver, tractor, some of the crew and trailer hauling posts. 204029886 4 strand barb wire View of a 4 strand cross fence with a 16' gate. 204029887 Welding up a brace All braces and corners are welded in place when utilizing all steel construction. 200650912 Welding up a brace We believe in using steel posts as braces and corners as much as possible. Two main reasons: 1.) The steel posts should last as long as the wire, when using wood posts, the wood will rot over time. Utilizing steel posts in barb wire fences equates out to a longer fence life for the investment. 2.) We can easily recycle any and all waste generated from the construction of the fence. 200650913 3/4 mile fence stretch down a property line This is the beginning of a 3/4 mile stretch of fence. We cleared the fence line, and installed the fence. This is small portion of the approximate 60 mile fence contract on this property. 200650914 Corner Brace All steel, welded corner brace. 200650915