Barn/Stalls Barn/Stalls Barn Complete This is the completed barn before starting the stall construction. We provided our grading equipment and man power to grade exterior of building as well as the interior fill desired by client. 204006299 Completed Stalls We built a total of 8 stalls for this client. Each stall was built per the clients pictures provided. We utilized steel frames in the gates to eliminate sagging and installed custom aluminum rails so the client could have visual contact with livestock while keeping them in the stalls. 204006301 View of the completed stalls We installed divider walls comprised of 5/4 board so that there was no visual barrier between stalls. The back walls were comprised of treated 2x4's covered with OSB to save costs and provide a rigid wall system. 204006302 Under Construction View of the stalls under construction. There was a rack installed for feeding hay as well as a custom hanger for feed buckets to be hung on the wall for easy feeding. 204006303 Setting Posts We installed 6x6 posts approximately 36" and filled with concrete for support of walls. We custom built columns around the steel columns to protect the steel columns from livestock. 204006304 Under Construction View of one of the end stalls with OSB wall on back wall as well as OSB to cover the existing metal building that was expanded. 204006305