Net Wire Fence Net Wire Fence Roping Arena View of the alley on a roping arena we constructed. We used 60" net wire and rubber on the inside of the chute so the steers wouldn't damage the wire. 204029615 Riding Arena View of the riding arena. We utilized wood posts, drill stem pipe and 60" net wire for this project. 204029616 60" net wire View of a 60" net wire project we completed. It was a total of approximately 2.8 miles. 204029617 60" net wire Another view of the 60" net wire project. 204029619 48" net wire This is a double drive gate and a view of some of the 48" net wire project we constructed. This project was about 1800 linear feet. We utilized all steel bracing and corners. There is not any wood used in this project so it will be in place for an extended period of time unless something removes it. 204029620 42" hog control View of 42" hog control fence. 204029621 42" hog control fence View of 42" hog control fence. This client was trying to keep feral pigs off of his timber land, as they were destroying the property. 204029622 205314555 205314556 205314557 204029893 205314558 205314559 205314560 205314561 205314562