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Bo Pierce, owner of Alabama Game Fence, has been in the construction industry since 1996, and found his way into the fencing industry in 2007. From building hospitals to prison fences and many things in between, he has always been drawn to the agricultural and game fence industry. "There is something about being out from town and working away from the hustle and bustle of life. When building game fences and agricultural fences, there is a peace about being in the country". This led to the start of Alabama Game Fence.

Born and raised in Decatur, Alabama, Bo along with his wife (Megan) and two children (McKenzie and Emma Kate) moved to Camden, Alabama in 2013. Camden, Alabama is located in West Central Alabama and in the heart of the best hunting and fishing in the Southeast. Bo had been out of the fence business since the move in 2013, he said "There was something missing when I wasn't out building fences, I had always heard from some of the other fence guys, once you get fencing in your blood you can't get it out, they were 100% correct. I would be driving down the road and notice a fence and it would get my mind racing about fences."

When given an opportunity to look at a 60 linear mile barb wire fence project Bo, couldn't turn it down. Upon receipt of the contract he was back in his "element", the project went well and offered more opportunities for agricultural fencing and in turn game fences. If you are looking for someone that has a passion for the agricultural and game fence market, you have found that person in Bo Pierce. He takes pride in every fence Alabama Game Fence builds and always states "Our reputation is only as good as the fences we build and we want the best reputation in the industry".

Our 24 Hour Guarantee

We guarantee our fences, as we do our 24 hour contact policy. If you contact Alabama Game Fence, we guarantee a 24 hour response time. We will be back in touch with you to discover your needs within 24 hours. We understand that when our clients or potential clients have questions or concerns, they need the answers or issues resolved quickly.

"Our reputation is only as good as the fences we build".

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