Alabama Game Fence

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We offer barb wire fence installation, net wire fence installation, all agricultural fencing, game fence installation, hog control installation, exclusion fences, clearing services, custom gates, operator installation and service work, construction services as well as some of the other services listed below. Follow us on Facebook, link below, to keep up with where we are and our other services. We also offer material only sales for our clients that need extra fence, or clients that install their own fences. We use our buying power to save our clients money.

ER/Fence Line Maintenance Services.

We respond in Emergency Response Services to downed fences or major issues caused by weather or water issues. These services are included in the fence line maintenance contracts for a monthly fee, or annual fee. The fence line maintenance contracts are an insurance policy for your fence.

Design Services

We utilize GPS/GIS mapping services to assist in the desired layout of your property.

During the process of viewing the property and providing proposals, we utilize GPS services to include with the proposal showing linear footage of proposed fence lines.

Bridge/Creek Crossing/Water Gap Design

We provide bridge/creek crossing/water gap design to help our clients cross the problem areas with ease, knowing their fence is secure. We utilize conveyor belt, rail car frames, and or custom bridge construction. We can design these to be integrated into the fence line or stand alone.

Our service area is not confined to the State of Alabama. We have provided our services in states throughout the country. We have our crews set up to travel throughout the United States and have looked at some International work. 
Some states we have worked in:
South Carolina
North Carolina
New York