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Barb Wire Fencing

Our barb wire fences can be built to meet our clients needs. We offer barb wire fences with all steel braces, corners and t-posts, by utilizing all steel the clients investment is protected long term. We offer barb wire fences using all wood braces, corners and line posts, as well as using t-posts as line posts. Our barb wire fences can be built using 3 strand barb wire, 4 strand barb wire, or 5 strand barb wire. We use high tensile strength barb wire. We also offer existing fence removal services, priced by the foot. We remove all old fencing and place all that is removed into our recycle bin located at the shop. Any fencing material that is removed that is not recyclable can be left on site for reuse or removed by our crews.

4 strand barb wire with gate.

4 Strand Barb wire on Steel Bracing and t-posts.

3 strand barb wire for cross fencing.

Installed for rotational grazing. Steel posts bracing and t-post construction.

Steel Corner Bracing

Using steel corners insures a fence that withstands the elements.

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